“The Golden key” Democrats

Although the electoral campaign has just begun, already there is no shortage of candidates for the presidency. But it is likely that the winner of this fight will be the one who now takes part in it, and as yet unknown “upstart”, and not one of those who take bets.

Suffice it to recall the year 2016, when the hearts and minds of moderate Republicans in the house claimed by the representatives of the party establishment — Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, John Kasich, Chris Christie… But they do not take into account the fact that voters are sympathetic to those who simply “not popular”, and as such was Donald trump. In other words, professional politicians, clasping each other, had cleared the way man has never held any public or party position.

Now the same thing could happen with the Democrats. There is, however, a significant difference — many of their representatives are trying to ensure support of the centrists, and the basic electorate of the party and liberals of all stripes. But in the end each of them runs the risk that you will be able to win over to their side only a small part of the electorate, while the other will support fresh ideas and perspectives that will give voice to anyone else.

Of course, too early to assume anything for sure. But, nevertheless, it is likely that on the background of a large number of candidates of the leader will be the one who will be the most different from them. And it can be assumed that the main points of his program will promise to make members of both parties to work together without confrontation at the slightest provocation.

It is interesting that people think about this famous political observer.

Dean Obeidallah, CNN.com “President trump has again caught up in scandal involving women criticizing him mercilessly. If he responds as abruptly as always, it will turn away more voters than during the midterms of 2018, when the Republicans did not get them the expected support. This will be a big problem not only for trump but for his party, which in 2020 will stand for re-election”.

Tara McGowan, The Hill: “the environment trump is actively using digital advertising to its core constituency was not paying attention to the scandals associated with the activities of the administration. The President is still “very active” on Twitter and Facebook, is campaigning for him and doing the same conservative media, promoting his most significant statements”.

David ЛеонхардтDavid, The New York Times: “In place of trump I would be afraid of such opponents as senators Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota or Sherrod brown of Ohio. Both may well claim the sympathy of residents of the state, which had previously supported Democrats, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and possibly even Ohio and Iowa. They can be convincing from the point of view of the inhabitants of the suburbs, located in the “Sun belt” — Arizona, Florida and North Carolina. Other candidates from the Democratic party should examine why where so many others failed, Klobuchar and brown found a “key” to the voters.”

Nancy Jacobson, USA Today

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