Want to know what happened to your car? Girl “snitched” on culprit

School bus driver ran into the car and quietly left, but the sixth-grader put a note where all told.

Note the American schoolgirl who reported bruising to the driver of the car who did it, became famous because of the baseball player Andrew sorted. He posted on Twitter November 20, clue, written in childish handwriting.

What happened was this. The school bus was backing up and accidentally hit the car Andrew. The bus driver decided to quietly leave the scene of an accident, but there it was. When baseball returned after training to his car, he discovered a deep dent. On the windshield lay the same note.

The girl who introduced himself as a sixth-grade student, wrote honestly that the car crashed into their school bus. She pointed out the number of school bus drew a rough diagram of the accident noting the location of the impact. Their “scribble” the sixth-grader was accompanied by a picture of the bus, and that there was no doubt about affiliation, drew the startled faces of my classmates in the Windows.

Due to this note American was able to save money on car repairs. He said that he had found the girl and now thinking of how to reward the child for the warning.

– I think this child will do much more good in the future. Great kid – wrote grateful to Andrew.

Most users have praised the quick reactions of a teenager in a car accident. Many even predicted the girl has a great future thanks to the good deed.
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