Meeting trump and the UN don’t like to fail

The second sentence (after the Hanoi Singapore) summit, U.S. President Donald trump and the head of North Korea Kim Jong-UN to the failure of many commentators have decided in advance.

Particularly successful is, of course, made the former key US media, controlled by the Democrats. Here is a sample of their logic: it was necessary to crush Pyongyang sanctions and to the knees, has forced to abandon nuclear weapons, but Pyongyang has already shown that on his knees becomes. He needed concessions such as lifting the sanctions, but it can’t go USA because it will show weakness. If in Hanoi was limited to a symbolic act, signed the Declaration to end the Korean war 1950-53, Kim would have required the withdrawal of us troops from South Korea. If the summit ends with nothing at all (what happened), Kim still wins, because it keeps nuclear weapons and generally feels good. So, Trump just didn’t have to travel in Hanoi, he is a bad diplomat, etc.

But some things clearly do not fit into this sentence, and all of these they are traced in the behavior that is the American side. There is a feeling that team trump was and still is quite happy with the situation. And it was noticeable before the summit. Here’s the President at a rally of his supporters: Kim “wrote me a beautiful letter. This is a great letter. We’re in love.”

Or reaction the same team on the inconclusive summit in Hanoi: the US leader called it a productive and expressed hope for successful cooperation with Kim Jong Inom. Love goes on And its glow bathed all the Asian powers as allies and not allies: no mutual threats, no saradise Korean coast aircraft carriers, no nuclear or missile tests — what else. It was much worse.

Let’s assume that before us is very important for understanding changes in the global phenomenon: team trump gently removes North Korea from its list of “rogue States”. First of all, because she has long been in this list as it is very badly placed, creating unnecessary problems for several administrations in a row.

In the 80-ies whether Mikhail Gorbachev, Alexander Yakovlev, as if jokingly said the US and the West: we are going to have you do something terrible will leave you without an enemy. And it was really scary.

Society and civilization without ideologies do not live. What to do the whole West without East, without the big scary enemy, a confrontation which was axis thinking almost every inhabitant of the Western group of countries? Where to aim, what kind of world to build? And will it stay the same West, that is Union?

And then in 90-ies as a temporary filling in the ideological vacuum literally “on the stool” was designed in the idea of “rogue States”. A handful of anomalous States, challenging unified and managed from Washington to mankind.

The rogue got one or two pieces on the region. In East Asia it was North Korea, in South-Eastern Burma (Myanmar), the middle East — first Iraq, then Syria, not to mention Iran, Africa, Libya…

Note their features. Everywhere was controlled by a not entirely healthy in the head (that is, not recognizing military logic), and therefore a dangerous dictator, oppressing and destroying his suffering and starving people. Everywhere coming from it for the West the danger was supposed to be actually imagined in order to click “rogue” alone — without loss, and preferably in the hands of the local “freedom fighters” — and so to move to the “end of history”. Whole picture at first gave bread popular literature and cinema (same heroes have someone to fight), but do not forget the military-industrial complex, and much more.

Next came trouble. For example, Iraq, the destruction of which turned out to be more difficult than I thought. But with North Korea, which is generally not quite, as already mentioned, this scheme fit. And part of the suffering of the people (here at least — at random — a report from a culinary festival in Pyongyang; in the title — something about “starving people”, and in text…). And especially with inconsequential danger. Even without nuclear weapons, North Korea can cause a lot of trouble for the aggressor, and even with the current 20-60 warheads — and even more so. With the local “freedom fighters” too.

And again, the rogue needs to be isolated, but Pyongyang enjoys varying degrees of support from China, Russia, even South Korea. And at least all other Asia in horror from the prospect of American aggression on the Peninsula.

The administration of the tramp is not the first one trying to edit the list of “rogue”. The Obama administration quite successfully did it with Iran, when trump the process attempted to deploy, but I wonder: why do we need all this history with North Korea, where from it our gain but trouble?

On the one hand, team trump also does its diplomacy “on the stool”, if not “on the knee”, she is more likely to work instincts (common sense on the level of feelings) than the system. Otherwise, she was not trying to create another phantom “rogue state” from Venezuela. In addition, the pattern of US foreign policy is terrible confusing the fact that many even to literate Americans (including diplomats), on the trouble, believe their own propaganda that was evident in the conflict in Syria, when in 2016, the Americans thought that fighting the “dictator” Assad “good terrorists” they are subject to, and are willing to withdraw troops or to stop the fire but it was not.

But, on the other hand, the current team in the White house is trying to return peace to the last epoch of the struggle of the “great West” with the “big East” — China and Russia, in that order. And what is invention’s era last type of rogue? That era is over. And Kim can now even be “love”.

Dmitry Kosyrev, RIA
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