We connect 4 lamps 18 W to electronic ballasts 2×36 W

We connect 4 18 W lamps to the electronic ballast 2x36 W

Hello everyone! Perhaps this is also no longer relevant in the modern world, but I want to tell and show how I connected 4 18 W lamps to 2×36 W electronic ballasts. In 2016, at our work, we got into the habit of burning 4X18 W electronic ballasts in ceiling lamps (having worked for 5 or more years), but as usual there is nothing to change ….
Having smoked a bit of typical electronic ballasts on the Internet, I got an idea .. What if the connection of 4 lamps of 18 W to our ELECTRONIC BALLAST EB-ECG 2X36 W will creep through ??? The switching circuit is very similar !!!
And after dancing with a soldering iron in the aroma of rosin around this idea, I got the following result …
Do not forget that all contacts of this circuit are not galvanically isolated from the mains. Follow the techniques and safety measures to avoid electric shock. Can shock!
A typical scheme of a budget ECG 4X18 W is approximately the following.
We connect 4 lamps 18 W to electronic ballasts 2x36 W The connection on the block looks like this.
We connect 4 lamps 18 W to electronic ballasts 2x36 W And after some thought I just decided to connect in series two lamps of 18 W in each arm of the ECG 2x36W. The typical scheme of such electronic ballasts is approximately the following.
We connect 4 18 W lamps to 2x36 W electronic ballasts And connected it to its outputs like this.
 Connect 4 18W lamps to 2x36W ECG The temperature of the lamps and electronic ballasts has not changed. But based on personal experience, it is better to load such cheap electronic ballasts only on one shoulder. With such a switch on, the electronic ballast does not overheat at all and its service life increases significantly!
Thus, many lamps in the offices were repaired. But after 3 years, the management decided to replace all lamps with LED, energy-saving … In which LEDs began to burn out cheerfully and quickly after a year … But that's another story …


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