Electoral disputes in Moldova: gossip, trolls and unusual coming out

The company Facebook has removed about 200 pages, which belonged to Internet trolls, some of them were ruled by supporters of the Moldovan authorities. One of the candidates Maia Sandu, meanwhile, gave a press conference to publicly announce his sexual orientation, and activists of the Occupy movement Guguta on Valentine’s Day posted in Orhei banner “Ilan Shor is our favorite thief.”

The activists of the youth movement Occupy Guguta celebrated Valentine’s Day in the Moldovan town Agrees to confess his mayor Ilan Shor in love and handing out the latest edition of his newspaper #ProtestPermanent.

Upon learning of the impending action in the city centre, the activists were waiting for the supporters of the young politician. Uninvited guests from Chisinau, they met the criticism and defended his mayor, which the court of first instance sentenced to seven and a half years in prison on charges of stealing billions of dollars from three Moldovan banks.

It will open universities, he is done. — I hope, but in this country, from which young people are leaving, don’t know how he will do it. — We have a very good mayor, he is building.

Fan campaign Bulletin #ProtestPermanent, supporters of the mayor of Orhei was indignant that the newspaper contains criticism of Ilan Shor and President Igor Dodon, and that it says nothing about the leaders of the bloc ACUM Maya Sandu and Andrei Nastase.

— What it is, and they say that not one of the party, and where Mrs. Sandu?

In addition, on Valentine’s Day, three activists tried to hang near city hall Orhei banner with the words “Ilan Shor is our favorite thief.” The nearby guards didn’t like this initiative.

— You come to our city, climb to the roof, you may want to install a bomb?

And there were also supporters of the local mayor.

— No one has done so much for us as Ilan Shor. — So no one so much and didn’t steal it. — How do you know what he stole, what hand was he caught? You personally saw something? What are you saying?

A banner hung on the building for long. Three activists of the Occupy Guguta was detained by police and held for several hours at the local branch, after which they were taken to the hospital to test for alcohol and drugs in the blood.

The test came back negative. Activists accused of hooliganism and fined for violation of public order.

Addressing his supporters during a live broadcast on Facebook, one of the three detained activists Andrei Lutenco read an excerpt of the Protocol of detention.

Andrei Lutenco: “”They placed a banner with the words “Ilan Shor is our favorite thief”, thus humiliated honor and dignity of citizens”. So, to say that Ilan Shor is a thief, in this state means to humiliate the citizens and to steal a billion — does not mean to humiliate them. Moreover, action against the illegal actions in this country are equated with drug addiction. At least, you can suspect. Someone said today: freedom is a drug”.

Lutenco added that the police have advised them to protest, but not to climb on the roof. “We are protesting as best they can and encourage people to speak out against injustice,” concluded the activist.

Facebook and Internet trolls

Company Facebook announced on Wednesday, February 13, about the destruction of his Moldovan segment 168 28 profiles and pages, as well as eight accounts in Instagram.

“Publications page administrators, as a rule, were confined to local news and political issues”, — said in a communique of the company. “They spread the photos manipulating content to have raised the topic, leading to discord, and under the guise of a local organization that checks the facts ( — RFI), called to spread false news,” the report States.

Company Facebook found that the work of remote profiles spent about 20 thousand dollars. On one of the remote countries signed about 54 thousand people.

It is noted that a part of the deleted profile “were connected with the staff of the government of Moldova”.

“Given the upcoming elections in Moldova, we decided to inform the audience about the measures taken by us and share the information we know” — as stated in the communique of the company.

Profiles and pages removed on the basis of information received from the Moldovan app Trolless.

Among the deleted profile was the website of the Chairman of the youth organization of the governing of the democratic party ion Hargele. Create a new page, he wrote that “in the Facebook space set up a dictatorship”. Those who have proclaimed themselves fighters for human rights, including freedom of expression, doing everything possible so that my voice was not heard. Well, now it will sound and YouTube,” wrote a young activist of the democratic party, referring to supporters of the Pro-European opposition in Moldova.

The message, Facebook responded and the government of Moldova. “We welcome any attempt to deal with the phenomenon of fake news”, — says the publication of the Cabinet.

In the government noted that government agencies are more than 200 thousand people and booths does not control their private profiles and pages.

According to the publication, one of the developers of the application Trolless — Victor spinu. From March 2017, it is the party of “Action and solidarity” (PAS) included in the election block “ACUM”. In an interview with the publication he said that when in 2016 launched the platform, he was not a member of PAS, and assured that his party affiliation does not affect the Trolless.

Elections and sexual orientation

Maia Sandu, the head of the party “Action and solidarity”, a member of the electoral bloc “ACUM”, February 15, gave a press conference to comment on rumors about his sexual orientation. She said that “not gay and never was.” So she reacted to the social networks video, which looks like a woman walking down the street and holding the hand of another woman.

Maia Sandu: “After it was declassified trolls, the regime moved to more primitive methods. The Democrats have fabricated a video which is trying to prove that I’m gay. I’m not gay and never was — unfortunately the trolls and their masters. Moreover, it is a lie poorly fabricated. Video shot in Munich, where I never was.”

Parliamentary elections in Moldova will take place on Sunday, February 24. They first held under a mixed electoral system.
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