The “stove” for kindling coals for the barbecue is a small but very handy device

Everyone who has encountered kindling coals in the barbecue , knows that this process is not always easy. Either the charcoal is raw, or the manufacturer did it wrong. And correct dry coal must be kindled so that all the coals are kindled at the same time.
Someone uses a fan for these purposes, someone uses various blowers from manual to electric.
The DIY master offers a fundamentally new approach – a separate hearth, in which the coals are first kindled, and then they can be poured into the brazier.
The device is very simple and for its manufacture requires minimal skills in metalworking.
Tools and materials:
-Metal pipe with a diameter of 12 cm;
-Welding equipment;
– Marker;
-A strip of metal;
Step one: preparation of the pipe
To make such a furnace, you need a metal pipe. The amount of feed material depends on the pipe length and diameter coals. The master's pipe has a diameter of 12 cm. From it he cuts off a workpiece 35 cm long. The wall thickness of the pipe is 2 mm. If you use a pipe with a thinner wall, it will quickly burn out.
< img class = "aligncenter" alt = "The" Stove "for kindling coals for the barbecue is a small but very convenient device" src = " "/> Step two: lower part
Coal will be poured into the inside of the pipe. In order for it not to get enough sleep, you need to make a limiter at the bottom. Simultaneously with the function of holding the coal in the pipe, the restrictor should not impede the passage of the air flow (draft).
On one side of the pipe, the master makes a marking and divides the circle into 16 equal parts. The length of the marked lines is 10 cm from the edge of the pipe.
Then he cuts the pipe according to the markings.
The Cuts off a few centimeters from every second strip and folds these strips into the pipe.
The Step three: pen
The last detail is the pen. It can be made from any suitable metal.
The master uses a metal strip. Cuts to the desired length. Flexes to shape. Welds.
It is advisable to make a large handle so that it is as far away from the pipe wall as possible.
The Step four: using the device
That's it – the starter for lighting the coals is ready.
In order to use it, you need to place it on a flat metal surface. Then put some wood and paper on the bottom. Fill the top with coal.
Then, from the bottom, set fire to the chips inside the pipe. When the wood is on fire, the lower coal will begin to burn.
Then the fire will grow due to the natural flow of air (from bottom to top). After a few minutes, there will be good hot charcoal inside the pipe for grilling.
The last step is to put on heat-resistant gloves and pour the coals from this device into the grill.
The The < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto">The The < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> Watch the video below. At the end of it, after the process of making such a mini-oven, the master demonstrates its work.


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