Find in Uzbekistan: during the construction of the house, the man revealed the remains of an unknown creature

In one of the villages of Uzbekistan local resident during the repair work came across the mysterious remains.

According to experts, an amusing incident took place in the village of Angul, which is geographically located in the Fergana region. According to the remains, it was found that anomalous creation was elongated flexible neck, the massive hind legs and long tail. Notable was the fact that traces of the front feet was not witnessed. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before scientists found the remains of the immortal creation.

The man took a picture of the skeleton of the mysterious animal and compared it with photographs of the bones of prehistoric dinosaurs on the Internet, but not found any matches. The owner of the ownership stressed that the construction of houses was carried out during the development of steppe areas, so the animal remains are not uncommon.

Local representatives of the media stated that for clarification of all details of the incident it is necessary to involve forces of archaeology and cryptozoology. Local authorities just shrugged, because such surveys are not provided any funds.

Netizens believe that the man unearthed a prehistoric creature.
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