Police have confirmed the death of the football player emiliano Sala

Police Dorset has completed the procedure of identification of the body found at the scene of the crash, which flew the British football club “Cardiff” emiliano Sala together with pilot David Ibbotson. Police confirmed the death of a footballer in a plane crash over the English channel. The body of the pilot still not found.

Promoted from the French “Nantes” in “Cardiff” Argentine footballer January 21, the evening flew on his first match in the new team. Some time after takeoff, he was sent from the aircraft a voice message. It emiliano Sala has expressed concerns about the reliability of the aircraft.

The plane was at an altitude of 2000 feet, when it disappeared from radar. The search for a long time did not give any results. February 4, rescuers found at the bottom of the English channel the aircraft wreckage and the body of one of the victims.

Emiliano Sala played in Nantes in 2015. After learning about the incident over the English channel, January 23, hundreds of fans gathered in the city centre, to lay flowers and Cardiff football fans came to the local stadium with blue and white scarves of their club, as well as daffodils — the symbol of Wales.
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