Found new objects in the search area of a private jet with the player Saloy on Board

Discovered some of the wreckage of a private plane, which was transported from France to Britain footballer emiliano Sala.

Information has already been confirmed by John Fitzgerald, chief specialist on flight research, the channel Islands, the resource LIGAnews.

Police in Guernsey have confirmed the discovery of the wreckage of the aircraft on Board of which was football player of FC “Cardiff city”. Rescuers continue to search for Saly in the place of the discovery of the wreck.

Private jet which was carrying out flight Nantes – Cardiff, disappeared from radar in the area of channel Islands on Monday, January 21.

On Board the plane was Fat and pilot. The player for € 17 million moved from the “Nantes” in “Cardiff city” at the beginning of 2019.

While Fitzgerald is not sure that the found fragments belong to the private plane, on Board of which was Fat.

Rescuers found not only the wreckage but also part of the lifeboat, a pillow, a lot of white and bright orange items.
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