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The increase in stock prices and changes in tax regulations were the main reasons that the 2018 financial year was the ninth in a row when the donations are transferred to universities and colleges increased. With their amount increased by 7.2% — to a record high of 46.7 billion dollars.

As noted by Ann Kaplan of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, the survey showed that such famous universities as Harvard, Stanford and Columbia University have been awarded over $ 1 billion, with the gap in resources leaders in the sphere of higher education and all the rest, increases.

In particular, 10 of those who got the most, represent less than 1% of institutions, but they accounted for 18% of the total. So, at least 7 schools received at least $ 100 million, while the average, taking into account all study participants, was equal to 41,9 million. And if public colleges transferred less than 2 million, large state universities with multiple departments 238 million.

For example, in November, the former mayor of new York city Michael Bloomberg has allocated his Alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, $ 1.8 billion only on providing scholarships and grants to students from low – and middle-families, while Bennett College, located in Greenboro, North Carolina, was able to continue his activities thanks to the donations in the amount of 8.2 million.
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