Stephen Miller: “By 2020, the wall will be…”

The white house defends the decision to impose a state of emergency announced by US President Donald trump with the aim of establishing a wall on the border with Mexico to reduce illegal immigration, saying that he would not go for it.

“He could have ignored this crisis, but decided not to do it,” – said on Sunday the adviser to trump Steven Miller Fox News channel. Miller, who takes a tough stance on immigration, harshly criticized the Republican ex-President George W. Bush for “astonishing betrayal” of the US about two decades ago when the country was penetrated four times more illegal immigrants than now. According to Miller, the problem is that “it is impossible to imagine a strong country without secure borders.”

In his words, his actions trump “protect our borders” and illegal immigration is a “threat to our country.” Miller said that the actions of trump justified by the 1976 act, which gives the President the power to declare a state of emergency, although none of the 59 such cases was not associated with the situation when the President tried to circumvent the failure of the Congress to allocate money for specific purposes.

Trump has declared a state of emergency to circumvent the Congress rejected his request to allocate $ 5.7 billion to the construction of the wall, endorsing only the provision of 1,375 billion for the construction of the barriers at the 90-km stretch of the 3,200-kilometer border. Trump plans to draw on the wall more than $ 8 billion of budget funds allocated to other projects, although the legal action to block the transfer of money are already being prepared.

Miller said that more than 320 kilometers of the wall will be built by the end of September 2020, a few weeks before the elections, in which trump will seek re-election for a second four-year term.

Acting Minister of defense Patrick V. said it will with great care to make the decision on which funds first allocated for defense, to direct the construction of the wall on the border. “From the point of view of the potential numbers can be trusted. Then you need to bring them in line with what the money needs to be spent”, – said the acting head of the Pentagon.

He added that the funds appropriated for housing for military personnel, for the construction of the wall will not be spent. Trump said that he had declared a state of emergency because he was dissatisfied with the amount approved by Congress. “I want to make it faster, – he stressed. – I could build the wall longer. I was not obliged to do so. But I prefer to do it much faster.”

Constant criticism of trump, including Democrats, announced his participation in presidential elections, and other lawmakers condemned the Declaration of state of emergency, as a ploy to circumvent the constitutional provision that the provision is a prerogative of Congress. They emphasize the words of the President that he could not go for it.

The Chairman of the house Committee on intelligence, Democrat Adam Schiff said on CNN: “If we give “power of the purse”, then there will be virtually no checks and balances. No separation of powers will no longer be only a division of parties.”

Journalist Bob Woodward, who documented the first year of the presidency of the trump in his best-seller “Fear”, told Fox News that, in his opinion, trump issued a Declaration declaring a state of emergency because in this case, he “looks strong, looks tough for many.”

A significant part of a successful campaign trump in 2016 revolved around his promise to build a wall and force Mexico to pay for it. He abandoned the idea to achieve direct payments from Mexico when its leaders rejected the idea and instead asked Congress for approval of funding at the expense of American taxpayers.

Ken Bredemeier,

“Voice Of America”

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