Etsy to create dozens of new jobs in Ireland this year

Global online marketplace Etsy plans to hire for dozens of new roles in Ireland in 2021, nearly all of which will be in product and engineering.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York but with an office on Dublin’s Strand Street, Etsy operates two-sided online marketplaces that connect “millions of passionate and creative buyers and sellers around the world”.

“With a strong talent pool and a growing technology sector in Ireland, Etsy is excited to expand the Dublin team and welcome new talent and fresh perspectives,” said Laudine Vallarta, global head of talent acquisition at Etsy.

Etsy currently employs 1,414 globally, with nearly 100 based in the Dublin office on the city’s northside. has 4.7 million active sellers and 90.7 million active buyers.

The Dublin office showcases items made by Etsy sellers.

While offices have remained closed throughout the pandemic, Etsy is continuing to invest in their physical spaces, “adapting them for a safe and collaborative future”.

Etsy’s Dublin office.

The roles

“Developers at Etsy solve some of the most interesting and complex challenges in e-commerce to create the very best user experience.

“For example, with millions of unstructured listings, improving search and discovery requires developing and applying some of the most innovative applications of machine learning. Etsy ships code early and often using pioneering continuous deployment system. Engineers primarily code in PHP and JavaScript, but also use Java, Go, and Swift.”



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