The opposition of the Russian truth: US launches centers for the fight against “Russian influence”

The main instigator of the anti-Russian and Russophobic sentiments in the face of Washington plans to open so-called network of National centers of digital forensics around the world. The United States plan to involve the local media and non-governmental organizations, as well as large IT corporations such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The main purpose of these centers is the detection and preventing “influence of Moscow on public opinion in these countries.” It should be noted that in many countries, will open these centers, there is a certain proportion of the population, which approval refers to Russia and its political course.

Plans of Washington said political analyst Sergei Markov, the TV channel “TV NewsFront”. According to him, everything is quite simple.

“In Georgia, many in the Baltic States Russian-speaking people who read and listen to Russian media, and according to West, they are under the influence of Russia. Because the Russian media telling the truth on most issues, then naturally the level of confidence in our media in these countries is much greater. Plus, the Russian media is very professional. It therefore formed a potential political influence. The Americans set it on his elimination by belief and provocation – so to speak spetssluzhbisty methods: the arrest of journalists, the cessation of broadcasting of Russian mass media and all sorts of other tricks,” — said Markov.

The speaker also noted that the American side has learned to “seriously deal with the Internet”.

“Social networks are one of the most important tools of influence. They work in close Association with the intelligence agencies of the West. Additionally, you may temporary block the Russian media in the Internet and social networks”, — concluded the analyst.
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