The Catholic Church destroyed the dossier on the priests-pedophiles

The Church destroyed the information relating to priests who have committed acts of sexual violence. On Saturday, February 23, reported German cardinal Reinhard Marx, one of the closest advisers of Pope Francis, during his speech at the summit in the Vatican.

“The administration not only helped the Church to accomplish its mission, but, on the contrary, discredited it, and did the impossible. Records that could help fix these terrible acts and to identify the names of the perpetrators, was destroyed,” said cardinal Marx.

He also accused the Church administration in the intentional non-compliance “with procedures and processes established to prosecute the perpetrators” and called for greater transparency in relation to internal Church trials, which is one of the main demands of victims of sexual violence. According to the German cardinal, the number of cases considered by the ecclesiastical courts, and the details of these cases should be, to the extent possible, made public.

“Church standards should not be below the standards of civil justice,” said cardinal Reinhard Marx.
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