The phenomenon of unique features: pink mist in the UK shut down most airports

Representatives of the scientific world has discouraged the British identifying amazing natural phenomenon.

It was established that the above incident took place in the South West of the UK. According to local residents, over these territories hovered abnormal fog, with a pink tinge. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before the Temple mount was shrouded in a sinister fog.

Such an outstanding anomaly was witnessed on the eve of the warmest weekends this year. This weekend, people expect the air temperature of +18°C, which is two times more than the average February level.

Prerequisites for appearance of the phenomenon was the sharp increase in temperature, but then the sun’s rays gave color suspended water droplets. Amazing incident was the source of a vast number of rumors among the locals.

Moreover, the pink fog has caused aviation collapse in the South-East of the state. A few hours later from this event not have happened and trace, because in place of the gloomy weather came warm sunlight.

Now researchers have a broad understanding of the natural phenomenon in order to be ready to resist such tricks of the weather.
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