“Hockey play real girls”: as in IHL overcome stereotypes

Hockey is one of the most spectacular sports. In 2015 in Russia there is a Women’s hockey League (IHL), or, as they call themselves its representatives, the Beautiful League. All the news IHL in social networks you can find on this, hestego. “If hockey players are beautiful, and the League of beautiful. This is our case,” laughs the head of IHL Sergei Yakovlev. We talked with him and with the goalkeeper of HC “Agidel” Anna Rogovoy about what to throw and catch pucks, “like a girl” — not mockery, but a reason for pride.

Anna Prugova plays for the Ufa club “Agidel”. In 2010 and 2014, she participated in the Olympic games, has twice won bronze at the world Championships and four times became the champion of Russia. On the website JHL profile picture of Anna with her looks likable smiling girl. By his own admission Plugovoy, she always says that is a professional hockey player, when he meets with someone.

Anna Prugova: “All, of course, in shock. Because still there is a stereotype: if a player, necessarily with broken teeth, broken nose, weighs at least about 100 kg. Think you’re a rude girl must be. So everyone is surprised, especially if you see in normal clothes. I will say to people not to scare, not just say what you do. And there are already over time someone know.”

Still goes the stereotype: if a player, necessarily with broken teeth, broken nose, weighs at least about 100 kg.

Sergei Yakovlev says that the Beautiful task of the League is to change the idea of what if girls play hockey, then they have something wrong. According to him, it fails, and in recent years fans have become with great interest relate to women’s hockey.

Sergei Yakovlev: “We are trying to break the stereotype that hockey is a male only sport that we have run on platforms of “boys in skirts”. In principle, we could affect it in a positive way. We hockey players to organize photo shoots, produced calendars, television programme about them rolling. There is progress, and people are beginning to understand that there is nothing particularly bad in this sport, not even Vice versa. That is, of course, very much depends on the media. Because if the parents of the girls there would be no hockey, nothing. A few years ago they actually to play hockey could not, because in children’s sports schools, very little was girls. Now the situation has changed for the better”.

In GHL trying to show that women’s hockey – the sport is not only strong, but beautiful girls.

Anna Prugova native of Khabarovsk. She says that hockey in her life appeared in 2003, thanks to the parents: my mom bought the whole family tickets for a home match mens HC “Amur”, and dad taught me to catch the first washer.

Anna Prugova: “Mom bought tickets to a hockey game and offered us the whole family to go. We watched one match, it took a little time, and we bought tickets for later home games of the team. A few months was like a game. I was absorbed, mesmerized the audience with the goalies. Three months later I told my parents I wanted to play hockey, which they were very surprised. At that moment I was 10 years old. A huge thanks to parents for what they did not refuse. In fact, there were many alternatives: I’m in school volleyball was doing the musical school house was — in General, the possibilities were. But my parents supported me and literally gave me a life. My dad bought goalkeeper Jersey. It was the eve of March 8. I had these since Vladislav Tretiak guards horsehair, hard, heavy. We lived on the first floor. He put in front of the window and throw me the puck. I had to catch, not the window will shatter. Then I found a team in Khabarovsk was then formed women’s team. It was my first outing on the ice”.

When he saw me with a trunk, with a stick, passing by the locker rooms, the boys shouted, “EW, a girl! And even goalkeeper! She can not do anything!”. This has spurred.

At the age of 11 years, Anna has moved a team of girls to boys. This was preceded by correspondence with the representatives of the ice hockey Federation: they should have let the young athlete go to the men’s team. She remembers that her new teammates on the club accepted it, but not immediately.

Anna Prugova: “I have trenirovkami with the girls, but there arose some difficulties and I was asked to play with the boys in their year. The Federation of hockey of Russia wrote a letter that I was allowed to play for the guys. The permission was granted. I traveled with them to national competitions. So, to the 14 years I played with the boys and it was a big incentive for me: anyway guys, Yes, faster and tougher. In the never to yield. To this day I strive often to train with men’s teams. This is the best experience and preparation for their competitions. I was 11 years or so, when I joined the team for the boys. When he saw me with a trunk, with a stick, passing by the locker rooms, the boys shouted, “EW, a girl! And even goalkeeper! She can not do anything!”. It’s somewhere spurred myself inside said I no going to give in and will fight on equal terms, as they. But all turned out well. Thank you coach the guys: he, too, was very supportive and took great risks — at this age to take the girl in patsanyachy command causes certain fears. But has created the best conditions, I at that time nothing needed. Me all is correctly stimulated to train, to play. The guys supported, you can say I became like brothers”.

Sergei Yakovlev acknowledges that women’s hockey is different from men’s, but the words “female” and “male” in no case be considered as estimates.

Sergei Yakovlev: “similarly, you can take, for example, women’s tennis or women’s volleyball: it is more coordination, more elegant and less power. The same goes for hockey. When girls now, in fact, already come from children’s sports schools are prepared, they are there to 12-13 playing with the boys. They come already trained and skating and stickhandling, they are tactically competent. And they still have the mindset unconventional: they play more interesting than men, in terms of the coordination of hockey vision platform, precision gear, stroke and everything else. Now, of course, it is still difficult to compete with men’s hockey, but nevertheless progress is being made”.
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