Joe Biden’s ‘suitable’ employment plan branded ‘laughable’ – ‘Good luck with that!’

Joe Biden: Expert slams US President over tax rate proposal

The US President said people collecting unemployment benefits must take a “suitable job” when offered or lose their benefits. It followed experts sharing that Americans making $32,000 (£22,640.6) a year before the coronavirus pandemic now earn more by staying home.

In a press briefing, Mr Biden stated the policy does not include those who are unemployed due to Covid.

Speaking from the White House, he told reporters: “We’re going to make it clear that anyone collecting unemployment, who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits.

“There are a few COVID-19 related exceptions, so that people aren’t forced to choose between their basic safety and a paycheck, but otherwise, that’s the law.”

The President also dismissed claims people earned more than they did before Covid through benefits, and said: “Americans want to work.

“I think the people [who] claim Americans won’t work, even if they find a good and fair opportunity, underestimate the American people.”


It follows a report, released last week, showing US employers only added 266,000 jobs in April for the weakest month of new hires since January.

Rep. Kevin Brady, Republican for Texas, said: “Unequivocal proof that President Biden is sabotaging our jobs recovery with promises of higher taxes & regulation on local businesses that discourage hiring, drive jobs overseas.”

The Twitter page for Republicans on the committee added on Friday: “US job growth for the month of April fell far below what experts had predicted.

“Democrats are paying 4 in 10 jobless more to stay home than to return to work.”


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