An interesting idea for turning parts

Interesting idea for turning parts

 An interesting idea for turning parts I came across an interesting way of processing products on a lathe. Watch the video first and then see what the idea is.
As you can see, on the template, installed in the lathe, the outline of the desired product is displayed.
The person who came up with this method has just started his steps in woodworking and has very little experience. To order, he needed to make chess pieces. While grinding the pieces, there was a problem in making the pieces the same (pawns, bishops, etc.).
Then he thought about trying to project the image onto the workpiece and grind the figures from the projection.
A projector was purchased for this purpose.
 An interesting idea for turning parts The first challenge was to find the sweet spot for the minimum focal length of the projector. The one he had was designed to produce a 60 “(152.4 cm) image, but it is much larger than needed.
The artist tested the image on the wall. Of course, the quality was not very good, but all that was needed was a silhouette projection. He found that 1200mm is the closest acceptable distance.
It is clear that the closer the projector is, the brighter the projection will be, given that the turning of parts is carried out in a bright room.
He set the contrast and brightness to 100% and the color and tint to 0%. These settings made the image almost monotonous, but only a silhouette is needed here.
After determining the distance, the projector was mounted on the wall above the lathe.
 An interesting idea for turning parts An interesting idea for turning parts For projection he found the design he liked in Google Pictures and then imported it into Sketchup, where it could be easily moved, aligned along the axis and enlarged to the desired size.
To align the image on the workpiece, a center line was drawn along the axis.
< a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> Interesting idea for turning parts According to the master, the idea has justified itself. The shapes are all the same.
An interesting idea for turning parts


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