“Take” should not the banks

FBI data show that over 10 years the average amount was able to steal in a traditional RAID on financial institutions has been cut by half to 6.5 thousand at a time. So we should not be surprised that since 2006, such crimes have been reduced by 40%.

However, the opportunity to really get hold of received the attackers, who set a goal of assigning a digital means of payment. The analysis conducted by the new York firm Chainalysis that tracks transactions involving bitcoin and other virtual currencies, showed that two groups of hackers in one computer hacking kidnap an average of 90 million dollars, captured in the total amount of 1 billion. One of them — “alpha” — is a very large and tightly controlled organization, not pursuing only materialistic goals. The second — “Beta” — smaller, not so structured, and its leadership is interested only in the assignment of material values.

Attacks on such major “exchanges” for trading cryptocurrencies, like Mt. Gox, Coincheck and BitGrail, led to the fact that investors have lost hundreds of millions of very real dollars. Such sites are attractive to hackers because the owners there are bitcoin and its analogues do keep their savings, while commercial banks hold “a” assets in real form, whether it be money, precious metals or anything else.

The vulnerability of bitcoin exchanges before the break-in is one of the reasons that large investors avoid to invest in them. And the consequence of this disinterest was that, for example, during the year the exchange rate of bitcoin fell from nearly 20 thousand dollars to less than 3.5 thousand.

In Chainalysis noted the fact that hackers are not in a hurry to cash in, turning the stolen virtual “money” into real dollars, euros or yen.

If the average of the available data, the kidnappers are waiting for 40 days until he blows over, and in half of the cases — and at “lay low” for 112 days. And, as experts noted, there is no doubt that, given the profitability of such “cibernetico”, wishing to make their lack of will…
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