The TV host made a shocking announcement: not my hands – I do not believe in germs

Pete Hegseth admitted that because he doesn’t see bacteria, they are not, so why to wash hands.

Leading American TV channel Fox News Pete Hegseth admitted to his colleagues in the air that does not believe in the existence of bacteria and therefore does not wash his hands. Excerpts from a frame where the journalist says about it, posted by the British newspaper the Sun.

“Germs are not the real thing. I can’t see them, so they’re not real,” said co-host Hegseth after they began to taunt him because he was eating the leftover after someone pizza.

However, later the presenter admitted that it was a “joke about neat freaks”, and he washes his hands, although not with such regularity, as do all around. Pete generally believed that people are too finicky to clean.

“We live in a society where people walk around with bottles of Purell (brand of disinfectant for the hands) in their pockets, and they disinfect the 19 000 times a day, as if it could save their life. I take care of myself and all that, but I’m not obsessed with everyone all the time,” he explained after the shocking recognition of colleagues from USA Today.

Hegseth gave to understand that is intentionally perpetuated in society the situation of all viruses, bacteria, microbes, to play on those fears and which producers could sell their products, zarabatyvat billions.

By the way, his comments on Twitter has found support from many users. Although, there were those who maliciously asked: “I Wonder whether @PeteHegseth cool if the restaurant staff will cook him a meal with unwashed hands?”
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