Hook tool stand

Hello everyone today I will try to make a stand for the tool.
 Stand for a tool from hooks

I decided to make it from such hooks. Well, or rather, I got three packs of hooks and they had to be applied somewhere.
Stand for a hook tool  Stand for hook tool
Well, let's get started.

We need to create it.

  • Fanerka.
  • Self-tapping screw with a press washer, in Russian a bug or bedbugs.
     Stand for hooks tool
  • The hooks themselves.

Let's get started.

First, we need plywood. You need to cut off a piece of some length and width from it, but this one suits me.
It needs to be glued to the surface, which is my wall, the best glue is black self-tapping screws.
 Stand for a tool from hooks Stand for hook tool
Now, necessarily on the wall, you need to assume where that will hang on the plywood. Here are some tips on how to hang it better: a little used tool should be hung under the ceiling or in a less accessible corner of the stand, a long tool must be hung from below so that the hanging part does not hang on the stand, it is better to fasten the hooks so that they do not fall off. > Hooks can be bent, but not too much they can burst.
Here is the most curved crochet knife hook, made of a long hook.
Stand for a hook tool Stand for a tool made of hooks a hook, then you can hang a chisel on it.
Stand for a hook tool Stand for hook tool I hung a set of drills on one small hook.
 Stand for hook tool Pliers and side cutters, which I often use, hung like this.
 Stand for a hook tool Pliers and side cutters which I do not use often hung here so.
Stand for the tool of hooks I hung a square on two hook.
Tool stand from hooks You can also attach the hooks not to the wall, but to the handles of the tool, I did this on a mallet, it looks like this.
 Stand for a hook tool I hung the whole small, rarely used tool on one hook.
Stand for a tool made of hooks a reliable way of fastening is a self-tapping screw half-screwed into a tree, a file hangs on it, it is too thick.
Stand for a tool made of hooks I hung the tape measure for the standard clip.
Stand for tools from hooks Stand for a hook tool And for a pencil I made such a habitat from a piece of tube and a self-tapping screw, the self-tapping screw performs the function of the bottom and fastening at the same time, but I want dozens of pencils scattered around the workshop so as not to look for one single pencil for 30m2.
 Stand for hooks tool Well, in general, here's the result.
 Stand for a hook tool There was a thirteen-year-old homemade product with you, but it is possible oh already fourteen years old. Goodbye to everyone.


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