Netanyahu 6 weeks before the election, was accused of corruption

The attorney General of Israel, Avishai Mandelblit said today that he is ready to present Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of corruption. We are talking about allegedly obtained by the head of state gifts in the amount of $ 264 thousand from various corporations. If the court accepts the prosecution, politics face a jail term up to 10 years.


Real judicial perspective of the Prosecutor’s statements are vague, but has a clear political and even financial implications. The prosecution announced six weeks before the election. According to the Ministry of justice, the facts stated by the Prosecutor General needs to be checked, it will take a few months, and then the first hearing in court will take place after the elections.

Perhaps if Netanyahu (veteran of the right of the political spectrum) will win the election for the fourth time, the winner will not be judged and the case will be closed. But the statement Mandelblit can affect the mood of the voters and the outcome of the vote.

I intend to serve you and the country’s Prime Minister for many more years. But that depends on you, “asked Netanyahu to the public, noting that a decision for the people, not the officials.

Now surveys show a weakening of the Likud party and its leader amid rising ratings of the centre-left Alliance of benny Ganz, the former commander-in-chief of the armed forces, positioning itself as a fighter against corruption.

Donald trump today after the summit in Hanoi talking to reporters and answering questions on the middle East, spoke positively about Netanyahu: “I can say the following. He did a great job as Prime Minister. He’s tough, smart and strong“.

Trump added that he hopes with the help of Netanyahu to achieve a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. The current White house administration from the outset took a sympathetic position towards Israel, expressed in the transfer of the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Prosecutor is ready to accuse of corruption updated: February 28, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev

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