Pedophilia in the Church: the Pope called for openness

Sunday, February 24 in the Vatican ended a four-day summit, which discussed the problem of pedophilia in the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church. In his final speech Pope Francis has compared victims of sexual abuse by clergy, “the victims of pagan rituals” and called the Church “never cover” such crimes.

The summit was convened by Pope Francis after series of scandals that undermined the prestige and credibility of the Catholic Church. “The abuses we see the hand of evil which does not spare even the innocent children,” said the Pontiff in his closing statement, calling the perpetrators of the crimes of priests, “devil’s instrument”.

In the field of concrete measures, the head of the Vatican is limited to those that were asked to tighten the code of conduct, which will have to take the Episcopal conference.

Previously members of the summit have already talked about what to expect immediate action is premature. “The result definitely will be, but it is unknown whether it will be the end of the meeting, as experts have carefully to prepare it. We need, I believe, something comprehensive for the whole Church,” said Jean-Claude, Hollerich, Archbishop of Luxembourg.

However, the final speech of the Pope have caused many a disappointment. “We are not surprised but we are disappointed, — commented on the speech of the Pope, the Swiss Jean-Marie Furbringer, who came to St. Peter’s square to hear the Pontiff. — Honestly, this is only the pastoral verbiage about the fault of the devil.”

In fact, Pope Francis spent a lot of time and effort to study. Within four days of the summit, he sought to clarify the Church hierarchy of their individual and collective responsibility in the face of causing acute reaction problems.

Summit organizers have repeatedly stated that the development of a plan of action or even legislative changes will be initiated immediately after the summit. Vademecum that specifies the steps to be taken in case of sexual aggression has already been prepared for countries in which there are no experts.

At the end of the summit, all the participants gathered for mass in the Apostolic Palace. It was here before they listened to the testimony of the young Chilean, explain that be subjected to sexual violence — “this is the greatest humiliation that only a person can experience”.

At the same time in Rome was a March of victims of sexual abuse by priests. It was attended by about 300 people from two dozen countries.
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