Found a link in the evolution of organisms: scientists have unraveled the phenomenon smileforyou that lived before the dinosaurs

Representatives of the scientific world was able to decipher the mystery of creation, which is repeatedly found in fossilized rocks.

It was established that in the above case it is stylophora. It should be noted that the above creature lived on earth millions of years ago. Moreover, it preceded the emergence of dinosaurs. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First American saw in the sky of a dinosaur.

Quite a long time experts could not establish who were these creatures, composed of the tree of evolution. Only recently was followed by final conclusions, because there has been more thoroughly examine the soft tissues smileforyou identified in Morocco.

So, the animals belonged to the echinoderms, which gives us the right to call them the ancestors of modern sea urchins, starfish, lilies and sea cucumbers. Preliminary data state that the age of ancient animal has reached 478 million years. Some experts believe that these creatures roamed the globe another 510 million years ago.

Notable features of predecessors of the dinosaurs was the presence of tiny dimensions, the presence of the appendage, which was located in the vascular system.
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