BCCI served notice to transfer IPL-14 earnings to relief funds

New Delhi: Mr. Ravi Nair, a Mumbai-based social activist and an ardent cricket follower has offered a lawful discover (with his attorney Soosainavis Fernando) to the Indian cricket board and has required the whole income made with the current inoperative IPL suits be moved to the Main and Specify federal government alleviation funds.

In a 8-page lawful discover, the duplicate in belongings of this press reporter, Nair has required an apology from the IPL chairman Brijesh Patel and the BCCI head of state Saurav Ganguly to apologise to the country for carrying out the IPL at this crucial time in India.

“The BCCI had dedicated a serious transgression of running the risk of the lives of individuals and the lives of cricketers just for profiteering monetarily, thus carrying out the T-20 IPL-14 amidst the dreadful rampage of Covid-19 Pandemic production line of bodies in crematorium for cremation not just in India, however the universe”.

“It was utter neglect, and utter disrespect with single objective of dental filling the funds of the BCCI and group proprietors”.

“However the IPL was put on hold by the BCCI, their morale for the charity should not end right here and the BCCI and all group proprietors might have made Rs. 2000 crores from the played suits and should abandonment it for a worthy trigger”, Ravi Nair, talking to this press reporter, stated.

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