Popular populism

As noted by reporter Eli Jokli from research company Morning Consult, a majority of Americans supported the changes in tax rules, which insist on the extreme left.

“People don’t believe that the rich pay the state as much need, he said. Polls indicate that the proposal to raise rates for the rich, found a wide response, whoever it was offered — whether senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren or a member of the house of representatives Alexandria, Ocasio Cortes. At the same time, the reforms undertaken by Republicans, have already lost popularity, and certainly President Trump is aware of that.”

Poll Hill-HarrisX, held in January, and really showed that 59% of Americans favor increasing the income tax to 70% for “windfall,” for which he stands, Ocasio Cortes. In addition, the reform implemented by the Republicans, not enjoy majority support, despite the fact that it has led to a reduction in rates for business and for individuals. So, in October, Gallup found that such a step was supported by 39% of respondents, while 46% of his criticized.
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