USA has recently introduced a new military strategy: “hidden invasion” in Russia

Chief of staff, U.S. air force General David Goldfein stated that the development will cost 135 billion dollars.

In the USA developed a new strategy for the war against Russia, and also China. This was stated by the chief of staff, U.S. air force General David Goldfein during a speech at the Brookings research Institute in Washington.

As explained by the American military, the main feature of the new military strategy – “covert invasion” deep into enemy territory and attack his weak spots while avoiding direct clashes with him. Will be involved all of the armed forces in the “hidden invasion”, but the main role for the F-35. That fighter will serve as the coordinating headquarters for the offensive, said the General. Thus, Goldfein has estimated the cost of a “new strategy” that will cost the U.S. budget of 135 billion dollars, according to The preparation process will take a year, determined at the time the chief of staff.

This is a fundamental change both in cultural and technical terms, – quotes from the speech, a senior us military official “news”.

Journalists from the German portal Telepolis has been dubbed the new us strategy of “Trojan horse.” Although the Russian experts saw nothing new in this, as Washington in the 60-ies already used this technique, throwing on the territory of the USSR foreign agents.
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