US considering sanctions for the partners of Venezuela

Washington may introduce sanctions against allies of the legitimate President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, said the US special envoy for the Republic of Elliot Abrams. In addition, States are considering tightening restrictions against individuals and legal entities of Venezuela. In Caracas has repeatedly noted that the restrictive measures of the United States — attempt to transfer the country’s wealth. In addition, the pranker Vova, and Lexus told how they managed to play Abrams. They called him on behalf of the President of Switzerland to report on the accounts of Venezuelan citizens in the banks.

The United States made that may impose sanctions against third countries for cooperation with the legitimate authorities of Venezuela, said the special representative of the United States to Venezuela Elliott Abrams.

“We have not imposed secondary sanctions. This possibility, of course, is, it will depend on the behavior of the regime”, — quotes its words of RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the US introduced several packages of sanctions against legal entities and individuals of Venezuela, on March 5, the national security Council, the United States discussed the new restrictive measures against Caracas, adviser to the us President for homeland security John Bolton.

“I just returned from a meeting of the national security Council. The heads (of departments. — RT) are studying new sanctions, new measures to strengthen our grip on the finances (President of Venezuela Nicolas. — RT) Maduro, to deprive his regime of the money he needs to stay in power”, — quotes the words of Bolton RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Bolton said Washington’s intention to create a coalition to ensure the transfer of power from the legitimate President of Venezuela Maduro to Juan, Guido, who in January declared himself head of state.

The US is trying to force other States to change the policy, said first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov.

“This practice is gaining momentum. Suffice it to recall the sanctions policy of the USA towards Iran, and North Korea. And, of course, sanctions against Russia, which they put on stream. I think that Americans amuse themselves with illusions that they can solve all political issues. The sanctions policy against Venezuela will continue, but in this situation there is gross interference in the internal Affairs of another country, which should be condemned by the international community,” the Senator said in an interview with RT.

With the help of sanctions Washington has deliberately aggravated the economic situation in Venezuela, to then be able to have an impact on the Republic, said at the International Institute for humanitarian-political studies, political analyst Vladimir Bruter.

“They deliberately create, on the one hand, the situation of the block, and on the other offer, Guido to distribute humanitarian aid. And this is very typical in American politics — they create the problem, and then quickly arrive and offer to solve them, but at their own expense”, — he told RT.

Earlier, the US attempted to deliver to Venezuela humanitarian aid to neighbouring countries, while the action was not coordinated with Caracas. Authorities of the Bolivarian Republic of fear that so States can organize a provocation, so stop the attempts of trucks to cross the border. At the same time, Russia in cooperation with the authorities brings the humanitarian assistance.

Statement Abrams about the possible introduction of sanctions against third countries can be an attempt to influence the position of States that supported the legitimate government of Venezuela, in particular Russia, says Bruter.

“Abrams is trying to blackmail Russia because Moscow will lose the money that Russia from Venezuela kicked out and that we should recognize American authority on the subject. Sanctions are a key tool of Washington’s foreign policy”, — said the expert.

On behalf of the President of Switzerland

Pranker Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) told me that he contacted Abrams, on behalf of the President of Switzerland Ueli Maurer. Their conversation about the us sanctions against Venezuela took place on 19 February.

During the lottery, the media said Abrams, cle sees nothing illegal in the fact that Swiss banks are the funds of persons from the inner circle of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and oil companies in Latin America PDVSA.

Abrams, as reported by the media, began to insist on blocking these accounts, although provided no violations of law. Moreover, he threatened that if Switzerland will freeze the accounts, then Washington will go to court.

As a result, the prankery on behalf of Maurer agreed to block accounts — Abrams sent them a list, which included more than 100 Venezuelans, including from the government of Maduro.

Later with the Lexus and Tence contacted Ambassador Carlos Vaccu that Juan Guido “appointed” to represent Venezuela in Switzerland.

“Ambassador” and Abrams prankery sent a list of Venezuelan officials, whose accounts were allegedly blocked by the Swiss side.

“In addition, our list is and the second part, which allegedly contains foreign citizens who transferred large sums of money on account of the sanctions officials. So, the list is topped Ksenia Sobchak, (the writer. — RT) and Dmitry Bykov (former lawyer. — RT) mark Feigin. Also in this list we indicate the Bank Lexus Vovanial Bank Ltd, which allegedly are also stored money Maduro in Switzerland”, they said.

Vecchiu, the media stated that personal funds Maduro is in the account of the Fund Nurlan Bigdildo Tender First (NurlanBaidilda Ltd). However, Bagillt — entrepreneur from Kazakhstan, the founder of the company Tender First, which, according to the official website, teaches aspiring business people to run for public tenders.

The media said they can not block the funds in this account due to legal nuances. However, Vaccu agreed to circulate information on the “Fund,” he told Bloomberg, who made the relevant publication. In addition, the “Ambassador” has published this information in his Twitter.

“We are investigating to recover the stolen assets. As a result, we have good reason to believe that a significant portion of these funds is at the Fund NurlanBaidilda Ltd on account belonging to the dictator Maduro,” he wrote.

Permanent representative of Venezuela to the UN, Samuel Moncada commented on the prank, noting the willingness of American officials to believe the fake news.

“A desperate desire to attack Venezuela makes officials trump, his propaganda organs and its Venezuelan puppets to repeat any lie that comes their way. Fake news — a weapon of destruction, although his ridiculous version. Here’s an example,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The attempt of illegal confiscation”

We will remind, against Venezuela sanctions the United States. Some of them were introduced before the attempted coup in the country in January.

28 January, the American Ministry of Finance has imposed restrictive measures against state oil company PDVSA. 15 Feb the sanctions list was expanded — it made five people, including the country’s oil Minister, the head of PDVSA Manuel Quevedo.

On 25 February the Ministry of Finance has imposed restrictions against four of the Venezuelans, including the Governor of the state of Apure, former Vice President of Venezuela Ramon Carrizales. 1 Mar list have made six more people.

President Maduro said that the US is actually trying to take away the wealth of Venezuela.

“Freezing last week from the United States accounts Citgo — influential company which is engaged in energy supply in the United States and which is owned by the Venezuelans, as part of PDVSA, is the attempt to illegal confiscation of property under the laws of the United States. We are in a legal fight. Fighting for legal justice,” said Maduro in an exclusive interview with RT.

In Russia also condemn the sanctions against Venezuela. The Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the United States did not affect the interests of its companies operating in the Bolivarian Republic.

“That underscores the cynicism of what is happening, American companies operating in Venezuela, from the sanctions regime are excluded. That is, they want the regime to change, and to fuck with that profit, — said Lavrov, answering the question of RT. — Once again: we understand that the US is, simply put, bit between their teeth and publicly took a course on illegal regime change”.

The Kremlin said that support to Caracas.

“Will protect in existing international law, using all of our mechanisms. The legitimate authorities of Venezuela have described the sanctions as illegal. You can completely accede to this point of view,” — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

George Mosolov, Mary Nosulko, Anna Lushnikova, RT
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