Trump claims that Michael Cohen wrote him a “love letter”

President Donald trump after criticism of Michael Cohen for several days devoted a series of tweets, claiming that his former lawyer and personal assistant wrote him a “love letter” and demanded that Congress considered it.

Wow, just learned that Michael Cohen has written “a love letter to Trump” for a new book, which he promoted, — said the President in a tweet for March 1. — Book — the complete opposite of his fake testimony, which are a lie!

Before the former lawyer of the trump appeared before the Congress, the American leader called him a liar and assured that he will lie to reduce his term of imprisonment.

Congress should require the decoding of a new book,Michael Cohen, said trump in a tweet. — Your head will spin when you see the lies, the distortions and contradictions of his testimony, which he gave on Thursday. Like different people! He completely discredited!”

During testimony in the house Committee Cohen called the President “a liar“, “racist” and “a fraud“, and also confirmed that he had received a few suggestions about shooting in broadcasts, movies, and writing books, and acknowledged that plans to cash in on the notoriety.

I don’t defend Mr. trump, — said Cohen, speaking before Congress. — My loyalty to Mr. Trump’s cost me everything: happiness of my family, friendship, my law license, my company, my life, my honor, my reputation, and soon will cost of my freedom“.

6 may former lawyer begins to serve his three-year prison term for lying to Congress and fraud.

Trump claims that Michael Cohen, who called the President a liar and a racist, he wrote “love letter” updated: March 1, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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