Brazier from disc

Hello everyone! On the occasion, the author of this homemade product got a disc from MAZ. Thinking, I decided to make a homemade barbecue.
 Brazier from disk

-Disk from MAZ
-Profile pipe
-Steel pipe
Tools used by the author:
-welding machine
Manufacturing process.
1. We weld the bottom of the disc so that no coals fall out.
2. We weld steel pipes to the wheel.
Brazier from disk 3. We weld the disc with pipes to the rim.
Brazier from disk 4. We make a cutout with a grinder in the disk.
 Brazier from disk 5. Cut openings in the disc and weld on the grill from the inside.
Brazier from disk 6. We weld the skewer stands.
Brazier from disk That's it!
Brazier from disk The author spent only a couple of hours of work on everything, and the result exceeded expectations. The disc metal is thick enough to hold heat. Good mood to you all!


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