The dentist found a tumor from a 4-year-old girls during routine cleaning

5-year-old hunter Jones was really prepared for a meeting with your dentist, but not because I was afraid of unpleasant procedures, but rather looking forward to this meeting. After all, the doctor was a real angel Savior.

The last time hunter was in Stellar Kids Dentistry 18 months ago for a regular cleaning, Dr. Harlin Susarla noticed that several teeth girls fairly loose. Because of her age is unusual, the dentist sent the hunter into a panoramic image of the mouth. X-rays showed its growing jaw tumor.

The family went to Seattle Children’s Hospital, where the surgeon did a biopsy and confirmed the cancer. It was neuroblastoma.

Early recognition and diagnosis are key to the treatment of this cancer, said Dr. Shin Susarla, craniofacial surgeon from Seattle and the spouse of the dentist. – I was always proud of his wife. It is, of course, much smarter than me. And this is another proof confirming this“.

Susarla spouses with children. Source: facebook

Both doctors Susarla was part of a great team that took care of hunter during the next two years.

We learned that she had a tumor in the abdomen, said the girl’s father Jay Jones. – It also spread to her hip“.

Over the next year, hunter spent 140 days in Seattle Children’s Hospital.

We had two removal of tumors, five cycles of chemotherapy, two stem cell transplant, – told the child’s mother Kara Jones. – Also 12 cycles of radiation, six cycles of immunotherapy“.

But hunter’s parents claim that the girl bravely endured all the trials. The treatment ended a few weeks ago. The little girl with her parents came to my dentist to thank.

Dr. Susarla met family in the lobby with hugs.

I’m so grateful to you – Kara said the doctor. – You saved our daughter’s life“.

Hunter is now fully recovered from cancer. Despite the fact that complex treatment caused hearing loss and other health problems, now she’s just a little girl who came to the dentist.

“You saved our daughter’s life”: the dentist found a tumor from a 4-year-old girls during routine cleaning updated: March 6, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets
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