Vladimir Putin has left Russians “time to lose”

Wednesday, February 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly. The first part of the speech he devoted to the social problems and the Russians offered new measures to fight poverty and support families. “Time pressed, time to lose no more,” he said.

The fight against poverty, demography and family support were the main topics of the fifteenth message of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. The President said that Russia is in a difficult demographic period due to the effects of the great Patriotic war and “the dramatic years after the collapse of the USSR.”

In order to change the “negative trend”, Putin has suggested to reduce taxes for families with many children, to raise the bar to receive payments on the first and second child up to two living wages, and to pay the expense of the state’s 450 thousand rubles in mortgage credit to families with a third child was born.

Putin said that by 2023-2024 years in Russia should recover the natural population growth. According to the Russian President, for these purposes from the budget will have to allocate from 22 to 30 billion rubles.

Putin also urged to protect citizens from fraud and abuse by banks and microfinance institutions. “We need to understand their responsibility, but in life anything can happen. In this situation, drive the man to a standstill — the last thing, it is meaningless from an economic point of view,” said the President and offered to provide additional “mortgage holidays” to those who are left without income.

Another subject of the message to the Federal Assembly became the health. The President of Russia has told, that its condition and availability, “such as growing, but citizens are not satisfied”. Until 2020, Vladimir Putin proposed to build a 1.5 million outpatient health centres, establishing standards of “lean clinics” and implement “individual support guidelines” for patients requiring long-term care.

Putin spoke for the freedom of entrepreneurship

“Fair business should not go under the article,” — said Vladimir Putin and urged MPs to limit the reasons for which the entrepreneurs prolong the terms of detention during the investigation. The President noted that the business can be for months to be in jail because the Prosecutor is absent. “Why, he’s the man sits in jail, and he was on vacation went,” — said Vladimir Putin.

The President has proposed the creation of an online platform on which businesses could claim coercion on the part of law enforcement, and entrusted the government to create the necessary legislative framework. The names of the businessmen who are in custody in Russia, the President is not called.

The President urged US to “leave the illusion”

In the second part of the message Putin paid attention to the issues of foreign policy and spoke about the success in the field of defense industry. Vladimir Putin has compared the creation of a hypersonic glide block “Avangard” with the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth and announced the successful testing of new types of weapons.

Putin accused the US of ignoring the “legitimate interests of Russia” and conducting unfriendly policy. He said that Moscow does not want confrontation with the United States and only responds to the actions of Washington. “We are knocking on a closed door we won’t,” said the President regarding the negotiations on the INF Treaty, and again accused the United States in flagrant violation of the Treaty.

“You’re breaking, and then looking for excuses and assign those responsible. Still its satellites mobilize. They are so neat, but the Americans podprygivaya on this issue”, – said Vladimir Putin
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