Known as Galkin Pugacheva noted the onset of spring: “Pour me a vodka!”

The famous showman Maxim Galkin showed video of the traditional holiday their families the first Sunday of spring.

In its official microblogging “Instagram” Maxim Galkin has published a recording from a restaurant Alla gathered all friends and colleagues to celebrate the arrival of spring, reports LigaNews.

In the video, the Diva sang before the guests to the song “the Woman who sings”. All in complete silence admiringly listened to the song.

“Oh, sorry, the whole song did not lay one ribbon in my account! #Allah”, – has signed a video with the singing prima Donna Galkin.

For Galkina holiday too “fun”. In his section Stories the showman lifted himself drinking strong drink.

“Pour me a vodka! – said Galkin to the waiter on video, and then added. – And then the press will write that I drink too much!” – said Maxim Galkin.

As previously reported LigaNews, only “favorites” will be able to contemplate hypnotherapy for the last time on the big stage. It is also known that Galkin was surprised with a new parody Malyshev: video showman laugh subscribers.
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