The investigative Committee closed the case involved the murder of the head of Sergiev Posad gang

The investigation of the criminal case against members of the gang Big Bones involved in the murder of the mayor of Sergiev Posad Eugene Dusko and 20 has already been completed.

It is known that the criminal group was operating since 1996. Accomplices the head of the OPG eliminated its competitors on business and other people who interfered with his business activities.

The case of the gang for approval of charges sent to the Prosecutor General.
The investigative Committee has finished investigation of criminal case concerning members of a gang Piskareva Konstantin, nicknamed Kostia Large, who are accused of involvement in the murder of the mayor of Sergiev Posad and other felony crimes. This is stated in the message Department.

In addition to the Bones of a Large, before the court will also be eight members of the created group: Sergey Alexandrov Damir Kapkov, Sergei Baraboshkin, Yuriy Berezhnov, Andrei Stolyarov, Alexander Zamyatin, as well as Dmitry and Nikolay Yurov. Depending on the role each of them is accused of murder, robbery, attempt to murder, kidnapping, arms trafficking, and the acquisition, transmission, storage and transportation of explosive devices.

According to the investigation, Piskarev created their band in the period from 1996 to 1999. Its purpose was to eliminate competition in business and those who interfered with his business activities.

The first crimes date back to the late 90-ies.
However, then the security forces failed to establish involved in them. to Leave the gang Big Bones turned out in 2016 — during the investigation of the murder of the head of Sergiev Posad Eugene Dusko, who on 22 August 2011 was shot in a car near his home. Investigators have established a link between the murder of the officer and about 20 such crimes. They were all United in one manufacture.

“The investigation team bit by bit restored years ago, and thanks to competent tactics of the investigators were able to establish involved in murder. gang Activity was suppressed in 2016 after the arrest of its participants”, — explained in SK.

As previously reported LigaNews, the kidnappers of the defendant in homicide cases Boronenkov and Zilina revealed his burial place. It is also known that Senator Arashukova check on the case of murder of the head of the detention center.
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