Replenishment in the Solar system: astronomers have discovered another 300 thousand new galaxies

Researchers who study outer space, was able to identify a new addition in the Universe.

It should be noted that the above discovery was identified through a network of LOFAR telescopes. As noted by scholars, the largest number of this kind of equipment was installed in the Netherlands, however, the Spaniards, the Germans and the British can boast such equipment. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First were identified the mysterious visitor from another galaxy.

Experts drew attention to the fact that they managed to enrich the Solar system for another 300,000 radio sources. Almost all away from us at great distances. Machines have managed to shoot a jet of material moving away at incredible speeds from black holes in the centers of star clusters.

Notable was the fact that was also discovered information about galactic mergers. This process is accompanied by motion of particles at high speeds, which provides the opportunity to cover the radiation at a distance of millions of light years.

Recent studies have provided the opportunity to deduce that the emission can occur even in cases where no merging happens.
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