The week of sport: records Mbappe, the world Cup in ski sports and the weight of racers “Formulas-1”

What will be remembered in sports week February 18-24? Talk about records player Kilian Mbappe, the reasons to watch the new season of “Formula-1” and the conflict of skiers at the world Championships in ski sports.

“Now I have a 51 goal, but I just want 52!”. Kilian Mbappe beats records

Last Saturday, February 23, at the Parisian stadium Parc des princes “Paris Saint Germain” defeated “Nîmes” with the score 3-0. The first ball in gate “Nimes” scored Christopher Nkunku, second and third — Kilian Mbappe. This one was built Mbappe to the rank of champion: 20-year-old became the youngest player in the last 45 seasons to break the mark of 50 goals in the championship of France.

Parisians took to the field without several star players. Striker Neymar recovering from injury. Another striker Edinson Cavani returned to training and will probably help PSG on March 6 in the return match of League of Champions against “Manchester United”, but the game with the “Nîmes” he missed. Finally, on the field on February 23 not out midfielder angel di Maria. During the post-match press conference the coach of the Parisians Thomas Tuchel lamented the absence of several key players, but were very happy with the performance Mbappe.

Thomas Tuchel: “Today he could have scored more. But I’m glad he was with us today. We are missing Edinson Cavani, Neymar, today was not enough of angel di Maria, but Kilian was in place to complete our attacks, to make the final touch. I am happy that we are able to create many chances. Maybe he’s a little tired, as it is evident that at times he lacks a bit of precision and that not all decisions he makes before impact, the best. But he is young, he plays a lot. Maybe at this stage even too much. However, he performs well, he is an exceptional player with exceptional qualities. And that’s fine.”

Sam Kilian Mbappe after the match commented on his record the TV channel Canal+: “Every day I’m working to the maximum to help my team. Well, to have fun, because football remains a pleasure for me. And I like to score goals and set records, so I am very pleased. I believe that one day someone else will come and still do better than you, so you should try to climb as high as possible, because your result sooner or later will beat you.”

Only Ligue 1 Mbappe scored 16 goals in the “Monaco” and the 35th in the “PSG”. “Now there are only 51, but I want 52” — says with a smile, the athlete. There is every reason to believe that the following goals by Kilian to wait long: the coaching staff Parisians celebrate his “hunger goals”. And, it seems, it really is. Remember a few other records Mbappe.

The first goal in the French championship, he scored in 2016 in the match “Monaco” with “Trois” and became the youngest scorer in the club’s history: he was 17 years and 62 days, which was a few months less than the age of the previous record holder, Thierry Henry.

It Mbappe is the youngest football player to score four goals in a row in League 1. Shortly after his transfer from Monaco in the “Paris-Saint-Germain” 7 October 2018 forward nailed four goals in gate “Lyons”. It took him 13 minutes, which is also a record for the fastest four goals since 1959.

And this season on a phenomenal performance Mbappe write regularly. For example, shortly before the match with “Nîmes” the striker scored in the meeting of PSG with Montpellier and became the second after the attacker “Barcelona” Lionel Messi player to score 20 goals in one season in the top 5 leagues of Europe.

In Seefeld, has opened the world championship on ski sports

Lovers of winter sports with a voltage of watching the world Cup, which opened on 19 February in Austria. Until March 3, athletes will continue to play sets of awards in skiing, ski jumping and Alpine skiing disciplines.

Russian team optimistic note came to the championship. First, according to many experts, was presented at the world Cup strongest team in recent years, and secondly, for the first time in 2015 one of the Russian skiers suspended from participation. Before the competition the head of the Federation of ski races of Russia Elena Vjalbe modestly noted that the plan for the team — “one-two medals of each advantage”.

The most discussed event of the first day of the competition was not the distribution of the prize positions, and the clash in the sprint semi-final between Norway’s Johannes Clabo and Russian Sergey Ustyugov. During the semi-finals Ustyugov tried to bypass going ahead Clabo on the inner radius, but Norway cut him off and caused a collision. The Russian was given a yellow card for violating rules of overtaking. After the finish annoyed Ustyugov pushed Clabo in the shoulder, for which he received the second yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct and was disqualified. The Russian team filed a protest, however, FIS did not find violations of Clabo. The Norwegian won the final, the Italian Federico Pellegrino took second place, Russian Gleb Zealous won the bronze medal in the fight with Frenchman Richard Juva. Commentators on French television could not hide the disappointment.

In addition, on February 23 Alexander Bolshunov has become the second in the skiathlon, losing 0.1 seconds to the Norwegian Sure the RET. The winner was determined by photo finish. Women skiathlon bronze in a moneybox of the Russian national team was brought by Natalia Nepryaeva. And on Sunday, February 24, the Russian Duo of Alexander Zealous and Alexander Bolshunov won silver in the team sprint.

Next to competing jumpers from a springboard. The German team won Sunday, February 24, gold in the team competition, the Austrians showed the second result, the third place was occupied by the Japanese. The day before German jumper Marcus Eisenbichler became world champion, his compatriot Karl Geiger climbed to the second position, the third was the Swiss Killian Feast. The Russian Evgeny Klimov stopped on the 18-th position.

In the overall medal standings leader Norway, followed by Germany and Sweden, the Russian national team took the fourth place. The French in ski racing to demonstrate any significant results have not yet succeeded.

Pre-season tests “Formula 1”: the riders ride fast and eat a lot

From 18 to 21 February in Barcelona passed a milestone event for the upcoming season of “Formula-1” — pre-season tests. Over the four days, participants drove 4236 circles, or nearly 20 thousand kilometers.

The demonstration of full potential on the first tests too early, the team ran in their new products and analyzed their work. In the early days the best impression was left by the representatives of Ferrari: the team presented on the test races several new products, including the innovative rear suspension. The manufacturer claims that during braking it changes the angle of the car.

Racers Mercedes was noted that at this stage they are in search of the right balance of the car and check all the details. It is known that for the new season, the current champion of “Formula-1” has prepared a new power plant. Nevertheless, it is “Mercedes” was in first place in the ranking of the riders and teams for the traveled distance. And the rating of the motors topped their rivals from Ferrari.

“Formula-1” will open on 17 March Grand Prix of Australia. Amateur racing is why to experience impatience. First, in the “Formula-1” there have been many transitions, only the “Mercedes” and “Haas” fully preserved previous compositions. For example, Daniel Riccardo moved from the “Red bull” at Renault, Kimi Raikkonen joined the “Sauber”, and for the Scuderia Ferrari with four-time champion of “Formula-1” Sebastian Vettel will make 21-year-old driver from Monaco Charles Leclerc, who spent the previous season just in the “Zauber”. Second, in the “Formula-1” will debut several pilots: Alexander Elbon in the Toro Rosso, Lando Norris in the “McLaren” and a few more riders.

Another innovation of the season in 2019 has touched a weight pilots. Now the minimum weight of the rider should be 80 kg, and if it weighs less, it will provide additional ballast. The driver of “Mercedes”, a five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton in an interview, welcomed this innovation, admitting that “over the last 12 years never felt healthier than now because now you can eat more”.

Finally, in the current year in the “Formula-1” will be the thousandth anniversary of the Grand Prix is an important date in the history of the championship.
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