Corporations don’t deserve benefits

Recently revealed that for the past 2 years Amazon does not pay Federal tax on their earnings.

And, as noted by the Director of the research Department Voter Fund Democracy Study Group, told Robert Griffin that most Americans see as an unfair rule that gives companies the opportunity to evade taxation or to minimize the amount of deductions to the state Treasury.

In addition, according to the sociologist, the discontent is the fact that wealth is increasingly concentrated in the hands of only a very small group of the population. “People are increasingly demanding that conditions become more equal,” he concluded.

According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, in 2018, Amazon made a profit of $ 11.2 billion dollars, not paying her Federal taxes since used the loans. In addition, the government made the company a refund of $ 129 million, resulting in the rate at which she was to pay amounted to a laughable 1%.

A survey conducted in January by the website Politico and the firm Morning Consult showed that 76% consider it necessary to increase income tax for the wealthiest. And in Gallup in April last year found that, in the opinion of 66% of the respondents, the Corporation deduct the state too little.
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