Lott: “trump’s Chances for reelection are high”

This is the opinion of former majority leader in the Senate, Trent Lott, Republican of Mississippi, who said that the former us Vice-President Joseph Biden is the only Democrat able to withstand equal to Donald Trump in 2020.

Biden will be charming and just lovely, but more importantly, he, unlike many of the party candidates, meets the requirements of highest public office. On the question of how he assesses the readiness for this activity trump the politician just smiled: “I Think now he has a qualification higher than 3 years ago. His chances of re-election is surprisingly high, and even Biden may not be his opponent on many issues”.

Lott considers himself a supporter of the President, although, as he admitted, in 2016, did not intend to vote for trump. The head of the majority in the Senate, Lott was from 1996 to 2000. The Democrats briefly took the upper house under control after in may of 2001, Jim Jeffords of Vermont quit the Republican party, became an independent and voted along with former opponents — thus, the forces were equal (50 vs 50). Then Lott again took the position of leader of the faction of the majority, but in December of 2002 left her because of his statements that were seen as exacerbating race relations.

It happened once on the birthday of former Senator Strom Thurmond of he stated that if that in 1948 he was elected President, “many of the problems in subsequent years could have been avoided”. Perhaps Lott nothing bad meant, but he obviously did not realize that Thurmond was a candidate, advocating for the preservation of segregation in the armed forces.

Perhaps the incident taught Lotta caution, because, commenting on the scandal surrounding the Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam, who, as they say in his youth was photographed in the guise of African-American, he simply stated: “This situation reminded me just what in case of problems, you have to be a Democrat because the Republicans are then “fed to the wolves” who run into problems. I pity the Governor who is not the sole representative of the government of this state, to be reprimanded”. In fact, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Justin Fairfax for two women accused of rape, and the attorney General mark herring also, like, as a College student, posed, posing as a black man.

As suggested by Lott, in many ways, these scandals fanned on an empty place, and race relations are actually more harmonious than is commonly believed. “A lot has changed for the better even for my life, from 1960-ies to the present day, — said the politician. — When I studied at the University of Mississippi, opposed desegregation, since I grew up in an environment where adhered to such views. But this does not mean that I subsequently formed my own attitude to this issue”.

In fact, Lott was born in a completely different time in a different place in 1941 in the southern part of Mississippi, where lynching of African Americans were perceived as something self-evident. So, basically, there was nothing surprising in the fact that in 1962 he, like many other white students who participated in the riots in protest against the fact that in the state University took James Meridina — the first black in the history of this University.

Ironically, the same age as the Lot was Emmett till, who after 14 years in the summer of 1955 when he came to Chicago to stay with relatives who lived in Mississippi, two white men tortured, beaten and shot. And it happened in money town located just 30 miles from Grenada, where he lived before Lott.

Mamie till-Bradley, the mother of the unfortunate teenager, decided to leave his casket open so all could see how strong was the mutilated face of the deceased. And the shock was so strong that this moment was one of the pivotal moments in the struggle of African Americans for their civil rights. But he didn’t know anything about this case at least due to the fact that then along with his parents already lived in another region, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico…

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