The us Congress demanded to disclose income and property of Putin

Val Deming and Elise Stefanik has prepared a bill demanding that the intelligence service to gather all data on the income of the Russian President.

Members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, the Shaft Deming and Elise Stefanik has prepared a special bill. It contains a requirement for U.S. intelligence agencies to collect all data on money, income and property of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. A separate line is the requirement to identify a “confidential communication” of the Russian President. A draft bill named “the Law on transparency in respect of Vladimir Putin”, said today RIA “New day.”

In doing so, the congressmen explained the initiative to “unearth” all about income and the relationship of Putin’s numerous statements and complaints of the representatives of the us political elite about the alleged Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016.

“Putin and his political allies seek to weaken democracy around the world, strengthening political control unethical means,” said Elise Stefanik on the official page in the Internet, while noting that he was proud to co-author such a bill.



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