The results of the election day in Moldova: live from Chisinau

In Moldova this Sunday, February 24 elections to the Parliament. Polling stations closed at 21 hours local time. Voter turnout close to 50%. Preliminary results of voting will be announced by midnight. The results of the election day live summed up the RFI correspondent in Chisinau.

Correspondent of Russian service RFI said the main intrigue of the elections and the balance of power between the ruling Democratic party, the Socialist party President, Igor Dodon and the opposition bloc “Acum (Now) Platform and the PDS”, headed by Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase. Our correspondent recalled the innovations in the current elections, which were held under a mixed system (party lists and single-member districts) is under video surveillance and in the permitted campaigning on the voting day. Reports of violations of election procedures, the problems associated with the voting of Moldovan voters abroad and the past in parallel with the elections Advisory referendum on reducing the number of deputies and on the right of citizens to recall the MP if he can not cope with their responsibilities — live from Chisinau.
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