Father decl talked about congenital disease of the deceased rapper

Alexander Tolmatsky said that it is because of this illness died a famous rapper Decl.

According to the newspaper “RIA”, Alexander Tolmatsky, decl father, said his son had a congenital heart disease – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, reports LigaNews.

According to Tolmatsky, the disease may not emerge, however, the cause of sudden death. Forensic experts confirmed the presence of this genetic disease in decl.

“There are several athletes who died right in training, and on opening found it is a congenital disease,” – said Tolmatsky.

“According to the conclusion it is judicial-medical examination, the death of Cyril Tolmatsky was caused by acute heart failure resulting from complications of cardiovascular disease”, – reported in the UK.

This disease led to acute heart failure, from which 3 Feb 36-m to year of life died Cyril Tolmatsky.

As previously reported LigaNews, father decl “declared war” to his widow. It is also known that Decl of death had to make a will.
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