“Naftogaz” refused to “Gazprom” in the extension of the transit, hoping to receive $ 10 billion

The Ukrainian company is set up supposedly strongly towards Russia.

Executive Director of the Russian gas monopoly “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko wrote in Facebook that the current contract with Russia Ukraine will not renew due to the inconsistency of laws. About it reports “Russian Dialogue“, reports the “League news Russia”.

According to Vitrenko, the agreement which is concluded between Ukraine and Russia “does not correspond to neither the Ukrainian nor the European legislation”.

Accordingly, for the resumption of cooperation, Moscow will have to sign a contract for “standard European conditions”.

Such an opportunity for Ukrainian monopolist should supposedly “help” to “Gazprom” to take a more constructive position in the negotiations on transit.

According to Vitrenko, the claim amount will be reduced from us $ 12 billion. to two. He added that two billion is the share of costs that cannot be covered by the current rate, even without accelerated depreciation the GTS.

In addition, Ukraine declared that if Russia does not stop and is still implementing the project “Nord stream – 2”, they will submit to the international court of arbitration and will insist on cash compensation.
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