Creation, which has grown into a means of surveillance: the Creator of the GPS complained about improper use of his invention

As noted by the GPS Creator brad Parkinson, he never suspected that his 40-year-old creation is gaining such rapid momentum.

Upon completion Parkinson made a list of the industries in which GPS can be used. Moreover, he never thought that through him created the fixtures, managers of firms will follow. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before Disney invented a means of spying on visitors.

In addition, smartphones can serve as a means of communication with four satellites to determine location to within a few meters. In turn, the GPS enables farmers to increase yields, easy to roam the globe. Unfortunately a very big, application developers are given the ability to access the current location of the average citizen, in order to demonstrate batch of commercials.

Brad Parkinson, could not imagine how to spread its technology among the masses. Many refer to surveillance with skepticism, but it is foolish to deny the truth. Now representatives of the scientific world to check the consistency of the above hypotheses.
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