Week of sports: Universiade and the doping scandal at the world Cup ski racing

What will be remembered in sports week 25 February – 3 March? Read about the opening of the winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk and major doping scandal at the world Cup ski races.

The winter Universiade-2019 in Krasnoyarsk: traditions and greeting President Putin

One of the important sports events of the past week was the opening of the winter Universiade-2019 in Krasnoyarsk. The ceremony was held on Saturday, March 2. At the opening ceremony was attended by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He welcomed participants and spectators of the competition: “Today in Krasnoyarsk, on the shores of our great Siberian river Yenisey, came world festival of student sports, a celebration of youth and friendship, hard and honest struggle. Thousands of athletes from dozens of countries will show the skill, strength, speed, stamina and, of course, the will to win, strong character and respect for the opponent. I am sure that each of you these days will be remembered for a lifetime, give only the most joyful and good experience and will definitely go down in the history of world sports a bright page”.

Russia plays host to the world student sports games for the third time: the first was held in Moscow in 1973, the second — after 40 years in 2013 in Kazan. However, the previous student championship was a summer and winter Universiade, the Russian organizers for the first time.

According to regulations, to participate in the competition allowed students aged 17 to 25 years and graduates who have received an academic degree or diploma in the year preceding the competition. This time in the championship will bring together teams from 17 countries. According to tradition, originated in 1959 at the first summer Universiade in Turin, at the student games during award ceremonies, not performed national anthems of teams. After the national anthem for young athletes and students one — “Gaudeamus”.

At the Universiade this year will be played 76 sets of medals in 11 sports. It is interesting to recall that the first winter Universiade was held in 1960 in France. It took the ski Mecca of Chamonix. Then the young athletes competed only in five disciplines: downhill skiing, ski jumping, ski racing, Nordic combined and figure skating. The international University sports Federation at this time, ski jumping and Nordic combined from the list of events excluded, as well as skating, but added orienteering and bandy.

Completed world student games ‘ on March 12.

World Cup in ski sports: doping scandal, in which without Russia

In the Austrian Seefeld ended the world championship on ski sports. From 19 February to 3 March, the fans were watching which competitor would be the strongest in ski racing, Nordic combined and ski jumping. However, the medal standings of the championship has faded into the background. The most discussed event of the first day of the competition was the clash between Norway’s Johannes Clabo and the Russian skier Sergey Ustyugov. And towards the end of the championship and completely broke the doping scandal.

February 27, a journalist of the German ARD, Hyo Seppelt reported that the Austrian police, together with German colleagues conducts anti-doping RAID. Later it turned out that under suspicion of doping blood were athletes from Austria, Estonia and Kazakhstan. A similar RAID took place in the German Erfurt in the laboratory for several years, helped athletes to use blood doping.

As a result of raids, the police arrested nine people, including five athletes: Austrian skiers Dominique Baldauf and max Hauke, Estonian athletes Andreas Veerpalu and Karel Tammjarv and the representative team of Kazakhstan Alexey Poltoranina. It is reported that at the moment of detention the Austrian Max Hauke just gave yourself a blood transfusion. In addition to skiers in the Erfurt laboratory for suspicion of distributing doping detained the doctor and his sidekick, and in Seefeld two more of their accomplices. Munich prosecutors have requested the extradition from Austria.

It was reported that, according to the police, “the miracle doctor” was attended by about 60 athletes specializing in a variety of disciplines, from ski racing to Cycling. Their personalities are established.

In the Federation of ski races of Kazakhstan confirmed that two-time bronze medalist at the 2013 world championship Alexey Poltoranin and in fact was arrested on suspicion of doping. The Chairman of the Committee for sports and physical culture of Kazakhstan Serik Sapiyev said: “We have always advocated the “pure sport” and until proven that Alex did use banned substances and methods that will protect our athletes”. The corresponding statement published on the website of the Kazakh Federation of ski racing.

Coordinator for cross-country skiing in the Austrian ski Federation sports Norwegian Trond Nystad commented on the detention of Austrian athletes in a similar manner. “We are waiting for the investigation, then, hopefully, athletes and other involved in this case will be punished if it turns out that all of what is said is true. And if that’s true, I’ll start looking for another job,” — said Nystad. However, he noted that the hawk and Baldauf did not cause the Austrian coaching staff suspicion and did not show on the track of the outstanding results that could be explained by doping.

However, shortly Listado had the chance to translate the promise into reality: all five skiers admit to using blood doping in the championship. Skiers face a jail term of up to three years. The investigation is ongoing.

Final medal standings of the championship was headed by a Norway national team, winning 25 medals, including 13 gold. Russian athletes won five silver medals and three bronze allowed them to take fifth place. The highest number of awards in a moneybox of the Russian national team was brought by Alexander Bolshunov: he was second in the race at 15 km classical style, skiathlon and marathon, and together with his teammate Gleb Zealous, won silver in the team sprint classic. In turn, Zealous became the bronze medalist in the sprint freestyle. Russian skiers became Vice-world Champions in the relay, and the skier climbed to the third step of the podium. Finally, Natalia Nepryaeva won the bronze medal in skiathlon.

The French team ended up in the bottom of the table — in her piggy Bank just one bronze, won by skiers in the relay race.
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