Under threat the entire state machine

In the U.S. chamber of Commerce has sharply criticized the decision of President Donald trump to declare a state of emergency on the border, noting that thus destroyed the system of government as such.

“We have long opposed the attempts by the Executive branch to usurp the powers of Congress to legislate that we have seen for decades, with the growth of the degree of administrative regulation, — said the head of this structure Thomas Donohue. But equally we are against the desire of the Congress to take on the responsibility of the government. In this regard, the Declaration of state of emergency creates a precedent that threatens the system of power, which for 200 years has served the country.”

“Chamber of Commerce asks the President not to try to use the mode of state of emergency and urged it, as well as representatives of both parties in Congress to sit down at the negotiating table to find a common approach towards immigration policy and border security,” summed up Donohue.

Until that decision trump could lead to protracted legal battles. As noted by the majority leader in the Senate, the President was forced to do so because Congress has agreed to allocate to the government for the construction of barriers along the border with Mexico only 1,375 billion instead of the requested 5.7 billion. And to raise the missing funds, the President intends, in particular, to direct the funds previously allocated for construction projects the Pentagon and the fight against drug smuggling.
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