The President called insane

Such unpleasant consequences led to the introduction of state of emergency, which, as suggested by Richard Painter, head of the Department on ethics of the White house under George W. Bush from 2005-2007, is not only illegal but was the result of emotional instability of Donald trump.

“The President just can not imagine — said the Painter in an interview with MSNBC. — When this selfish refused satisfaction of its requirements regarding the construction of the wall, he simply snapped. Trump is not going to ensure that Congress went with him to compromise and to go ahead, risking to split the country. Such unconstitutional actions hurt his party, where the growing contradictions between conservatives and centrists”.

In just a few hours after the introduction of state of emergency in connection with the situation on the Mexican border Painter, Chairman of the organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, filed on her behalf a lawsuit, which noted that evidence of the inadequacy of trump is that he has more trust in Vladimir Putin, not the American intelligence agencies.

He is unable to do their job and should be removed from office in accordance with the 25th amendment to the Constitution.

In addition, the claim came from 16 States, to challenge the decision using the emergency funds of the Federal budget allocated to other programs, for the construction of the wall. California attorney General Javier Becerra noted that it is extremely symbolic that the Presidential day were sent to the court appeal, due to the fact that the head of state is abusing its powers.

“He can’t in their personal interests to plunder the funds that are replenished by taxpayers that Congress had legitimately planned to use for the needs of the States,” added Becerra.

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