Telangana employees plead for transfers to native state

VIJAYAWADA: The AP Institute of Precautionary Medication (IPM) Workers Organization has looked for relievement of the workers coming from Telangana specify to sign up with responsibilities in their indigenous specify.

Organization head of state Vinukonda Raja Rao stated that just lately the federal government moved 711 federal government Telangana workers to their indigenous specify coming from different federal government divisions of AP, however didn’t start any type of activity to the move of Telangana workers operating in the APIPM division in spite of sending demands consistently.

IPM workers Mahesh Kumar, Ashok, Narsi Reddy, Sandhya Rani, Santosh and others led by Organization head of state Raja Rao sent a memorandum to IPM supervisor Dr Manjari at the APIMP directorate in Gollapudi on Friday. They stated that indigenous Telangana workers operating in APIPM wanted transfers to Telangana after unified AP specify bifurcation however their initiatives didn’t produce great outcomes and thus they knocked on the doors of the courts which allowed Telangana workers to move to their indigenous Specify.

Hailing the choice of the federal government to send out 711 workers to their indigenous Specify Telangana, they advised the federal government to prolong the exact same possibility to the natives of Telangana operating in the APIPM division. Raja Rao stated that their organization would certainly work till last for satisfaction of the wants of Telangana indigenous workers.

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