Elections in Moldova: a hung Parliament

In Parliament of Moldova XXI convocation will feature five parties, three of which participated in the parliamentary elections held on February 24. However, no one political party did not win enough votes to form a government.

The CEC has estimated more than 99% of votes of voters participated in parliamentary elections Sunday, February 24. In the vote on party lists is the leader of the presidential party of socialists (31,26%). On the second place of the Pro-European opposition bloc ACUM (26,58%), formed from lots of “Action and solidarity” headed by Maia Sandu and “virtue and truth” under the leadership of Andrei Nastase. The third result — the ruling Democratic party (23,78%). The Parliament also passed a party of “blinders” (8,36%). Other parties did not overcome the 6% electoral threshold.

In elections have taken part more than 1.45 million citizens of Moldova. According to the CEC, the turnout was almost 50%.

Judging by the results of voting, Moldova is waiting for the coalition government. After the counting of votes in single-member districts, where the best result from the ruling Democrat party, the party of socialists can get 33-34 seats in Parliament out of 101, DP — 31, block ACUM — 26, party “shore” — 7-8 places.

At a briefing on Monday, February 25, the democratic leader Vlad plahotniuc congratulates all parties participating in the elections and invited the parties to start negotiations.

Vlad plahotniuc: “After the natural competition, it is important to forget past grievances and look to the future. PDM is ready to start negotiations with political parties and independent candidates that have won seats in Parliament to form a parliamentary majority and an efficient government”.

The socialists ignored the story of the negotiations. At the briefing representatives of the party said they did not rule out early elections. The leader Zinaida Greceanii declared intention of the psrm to appeal the voting results in some districts.

Zinaida Greceanii: “We do not exclude that there may be early elections owing to the questionable legitimacy of these elections. With more information we will act after we pass all instances”.

Nothing about a possible coalition was not informed by representatives of the bloc ACUM, previously pledged not to negotiate with groups of Vlad Plahotniuc, President Igor Dodon and businessman Ilan Shor. Andrei Nastase said about the impending investigation of the voting process.

Andrei Nastase: “violations of the election will be part of a transparent investigation. Criminals have once again decided to steal the vote of the people.”

The Minister also urged international observers not to rush to recognize the elections as fair and free. The future plans of the leaders of the bloc are not reported and refused to answer reporters ‘ questions, referring to the format of the briefing.

Until March 9, the constitutional court must approve the mandates of at least 2/3 of the deputies. The first parliamentary session of XXI convocation will take place no later than March 26. MPs will have three attempts to form a government. If, after 45 days after the first attempt, the government will be formed, the President will dissolve the Parliament, and the country will be announced early elections.
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