20-year-old man brutally murdered in front of passers friend

Police detained a Russian and soon started a criminal case on him.

In the investigation Department of the TFR in the Perm region saidthat the eyes of passers-by in the village of Yayva the murder of 17-year-old girl. It is reported by “League news Russia”.

According to investigators, the villagers had committed a crime “motivated by jealousy” in the evening of 26 February. While walking the 20-year-old man attacked the girl with a knife and stabbed her multiple injuries.

According Readovka, in the time of the attack were people all around me. When the aggression of the men noticed the woman, he continued the violence.

As explained by the publication of the witnesses, they decided that the Permian plays with a child in the snow. When they came closer, he saw blood. The girl was already dead.

According to information, the couple met more than a year, but recently began to quarrel. Friends of the suspect said that he often complained about the behavior of his girlfriend with the words “hate, poreshat her someday.”

The murderer tried to escape but the police managed to detain him at 34 kilometers from aywy. A criminal case under article 105 UK (“Murder”).

According to the regional Department of the IC, the tragedy occurred after the drunk local had a fight with his wife. The woman, fearing for his life, ran to the neighbors. Her husband took up arms and went after it. In the house of neighbors he shot all adults.

In addition, in Columns, Belarus, 15-year-old student killed two students and wounded two. After the incident the boy ran away from school, but was detained by the police.
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