The opening in the arid desert: the Atacama desert, scientists have found living microbes

In the scientific world managed to find interesting evidence in one of the most arid corners of the globe.

It was established that in the above case, we are talking about the Atacama desert. According to representatives of the research world, they were able to find in this dry part of our planet, new varieties of microorganisms. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported as explosions in the desert will help to explore Venus.

In the minds of many scientists, the climatic conditions in the Atacama are similar with being on Mars. To discover new types of organisms managed through the research probe. The microorganisms were adapted to life in extremely salty and alkaline conditions.

In addition, in three feet of water, scientists were able to open a different kind of bacterial formations, which can exist through metabolize methane. According to preliminary information, the origin of these microorganisms occurred when he was, when the Atacama was a huge amount of liquid.

Scientists have focused on the fact that before the above-mentioned bacteria was on the verge of life and death, but in the foreseeable future, able to adapt to environmental conditions.
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